January 25, 2017

Congress Programme

Concise Tentative Congress Programme

A Concise Tentative Congress Programme (Concise_Programme) is now available in pdf format.

Detailed Tentative Congress Programme

The Detailed Tentative Congress Programme (Tentative_Detailed_Programme) is now available in pdf format.
Please note that this programme is subject to change, and will be updated continuously.

Poster Guidelines

Poster sessions are scheduled during the Congress as presented in the detailed Congress Programme. Please check the Congress Programme to find the date scheduled for your poster presentation. Authors are requested to be available during the scheduled poster sessions for questions on their poster.

A standard poster board will be provided for your poster. Your poster details (title, authors, etc.) will appear on the top side of the board so as to locate your board easily.

The poster size should be A0 portrait oriented (width: 84.1 cm / 33.1 in, length: 118.9 cm / 46.8 in). Do not exceed these dimensions or your poster will not fit. The poster must be easily readable from 1.5-2.0 m distance, so please choose the appropriate font size. Providing A4 takeaway versions of your poster is permitted but not required.

In order to efficiently convey your message and communicate the results of your research to the viewers, we recommend spending considerable effort in designing your poster. Some useful tips include: Keep it short and simple, avoiding putting too much text on it. Your poster is a visual aid to present your work. Visual elements such as graphs, diagrams, figures should dominate. If possible use bulleted statements rather than blocks of text.