December 20, 2016

Paper Submission

Note for paper submission

As known, successful abstract authors have been contacted for proceeding into full paper submission. All papers which will be submitted should have a length of 2000-4000 words including the abstract and the references. Each Figure or Table is counted for 300 words. Due to this limited length, the authors are advised to avoid long introductions and extensive descriptions of procedures and present very limited figures/tables. They have to concentrate on the clear presentation of the objective, the concise description of the methodology and the key results/conclusions.

Authors should follow the submission procedure dictated by the website of the Congress. They have to use the proposed template which in fact is the template of the journal “European Water”. For seeing the required style, the authors can visit the journal itself. Needless to say that in order to avoid delays each paper submitted should be ready for reproduction. That is:

  1.  the language used is checked by a native English speaker
  2.  all equations are numbered
  3.  all references are cited in the text and vise-versa
  4.  the type of letters used are those of the template

The abstract of the paper should have a length between 200-250 words, and it is the abstract which will be included in the “Book of Abstracts” available to the participants during the Congress. The abstract can deviate from the initially submitted abstract, which was used for the first evaluation round and is not used further.

Please read the instructions carefully before submitting your manuscript.

Full paper submission is extended – New Deadline: 5 March 2017


Paper submission Form